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Headquartered in Prague with additional teams in Novosibirsk, Russia, ZipZapMac is a leading mac
development company. ZipZapMac designs and develops utilities, useful tools and service-oriented apps for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
ZipZapMac is focused on enhancing the OS X experience through intuitive and efficient software solutions.
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  • Pavel Malay
    Chief Technical Officer

    Totally addicted by solder smell
    and builds autonomous copters.
  • Dana Zhezdrina
    QA Lead

  • Stanislav Kuptsov
    ZipZapMac CEO

    Explores caves
    in his spare time
  • Marina Nizamova

    Brave bike rider.
    Builds own house herself

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ZipZapMac Releases Spy Cam V 2.5, Secure Video Surveillance for the Mac

The original easy-to-use surveillance App now supports external cameras & continuous recording.

Prague, Czech Republic July , 2013. ZipZapMac today released Spy Cam V2.5, with two key new features to its easy-to-use video surveillance application for Mac OS X. With this new version, users can now use an external camera, which can be positioned away from their computer, and they can record continuously instead of just in short segments.

Flexible Filming
Using an external camera has several advantages for surveillance, including:
• Filming locations where a computer could not fit or would look out-of-place;
• Using a small, unobtrusive camera which can be easily hidden;
• Operating with a laptop’s top partially lowered, as if it were not in use.

Continuous recording lets Spy Cam operate like a standalone surveillance system so there is no chance that anything will be missed as there is during the non-recording intervals of timed-recording surveillance. With continuous recording, users can also use their Macs to make their own videos.

Spy Cam can be set up in less than a minute and the user can set or change options instantly from its control panel. Users can select recording mode, either continuous or timed, clip length, and activation event – login, launch, or manual.

Monitor From Anywhere
By automatically uploading clips to a free DropBox account, the user can view clips anytime, anywhere to see what is happening – from a restaurant across town, an airport in another city, or even from the other side of the world.

Spy Cam is one of our best selling products and we wanted to make it even more versatile,” said Stanislav Kuptsov, Managing Director of ZipZapMac.

Spy Cam can be used to monitor everything from who is using your Mac to your front door – anywhere you want to keep an eye on. With its 1-click video library access and time & day logging, Spy Cam makes it easy to find the clips you want to see.

Spy Cam requires OS X 10.6 or later and is available on the Mac App Store or at for $19.99

Spy Cam on the Mac App Store
More info about Spy Cam


ZipZapMac Releases ShareMate, 2-Click File & Folder Sharing for the Mac

A fast, easy-to-use way to share files and folders with anyone, anywhere.

Prague, Czech Republic June 17 2013. ZipZapMac today released ShareMate, an easier way for Mac users to share files and folders with friends and colleagues around the world. Instead of emailing files or uploading them to a service that the recipient has to join, with just two clicks you get a link that you can send via text, IM, email, or any other method. The recipient just clicks the link and gets the file through their browser.

Easy Sharing
Right-click on a file or folder, click “Share with ShareMate” in the dropdown that appears, and you are ready to send a link to anyone and everyone you want to share it with. ShareMate automatically uploads the file or folder to your Dropbox account, generates a unique link to it, and puts the link into your ShareMate file-sharing list. You can share multiple files and folders the same way, by selecting all of the files and folders you want to share and then clicking “Share with ShareMate”. The people you share with do not have to have Dropbox accounts, they just click the link and get the file.

“Originally we wrote this app for our own internal use,” said Stanislav Kuptsov, Managing Director of ZipZapMac, “it saved us so much time and hassle that we realized that others could benefit from it also.” To use ShareMate, you just link it to your Dropbox account, the rest is automatic. ShareMate also includes a file manager that makes it easy to manage your shared files.

ShareMate works with any digital file, including: documents, spreadsheets, presentations, audio, video, images, 3D models, animations, games, and data files.

ShareMate requires OS X 10.6 and is available on the Mac App Store or at for $2.99

ShareMate on the Mac App Store
More info about ShareMate

Downloadable package including Sharemate icon, screenshots, description
and trial version at