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Headquartered in Prague with additional teams in Novosibirsk, Russia, ZipZapMac is a leading mac
development company. ZipZapMac designs and develops utilities, useful tools and service-oriented apps for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
ZipZapMac is focused on enhancing the OS X experience through intuitive and efficient software solutions.
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  • Pavel Malay
    Chief Technical Officer

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  • Dana Zhezdrina
    QA Lead

  • Stanislav Kuptsov
    ZipZapMac CEO

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    Builds own house herself

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ZipZapMac Releases new 1.4 version of Periscope Pro.

Periscope Pro is turning out to be one of our most successful products. It is also a product that we have gotten more feedback in a shorter time than any other product. Lots of users sent us questions, feature suggestions, and, of course, bugs to fix!

While we always respond to your input, the huge reaction to Periscope Pro caused us to stop development on some new products and put a lot more resources on Periscope Pro so that we could come out with a significant new release in a short time.

The result is Periscope Pro 1.4 which is a dramatic upgrade to version 1.0. The biggest difference are the new and improved algorithms we developed in three major areas:
• Improved motion detection – advanced discrimination algorithms mean no false detections or empty clips
• Reduced CPU usage – new monitoring algorithms consume very little energy so you can even use Periscope Pro on laptop for long periods without draining the battery
• Advanced screen control – your screen can go to sleep or be turned off without affecting Periscope Pro’s operation

The response V1.4 has been pretty amazing – gave it 5-stars and your reviews have been just a strong.

We are already working on the next release which will extend support to Internet Protocol cameras (IP cameras) making Periscope Pro even more useful. IP cameras have two significant advantages over CCTV and USB cameras:
• They have higher resolution
• They communicate via Ethernet, so you can use them with WiFi networks

Because they can connect via WiFi, IP cameras greatly expand the possibilities for using video since the camera and your Mac don’t have to be linked physically anymore – no more wires! With our next version of Periscope Pro you can put your camera anywhere, so long as you have a wireless connection.

You might be asking yourself, if IP cameras are so great why didn’t we include them in V1.4? The reason is that integrating IP cameras into software is very difficult because there are no standards, every camera works differently, and because it is a huge technical challenge. In fact, our testing has shown that of the few software products out there that claim to support IP cameras, none of them work perfectly! As you know, we don’t like bugs, so we are putting tremendous engineering effort and testing into perfecting our IP camera support. When we release it, IP camera support will work correctly.

Thank you all for your support and feedback and product ideas – keep them coming!

Periscope Pro 1.4 requires OS X 10.6 or later and is available on the Mac App Store or at for $19.99

Periscope Pro 1.4 on the Mac App Store
More info about Periscope Pro 1.4

We are happy to provide you with as many promo-codes as needed for testing!


ZipZapMac Releases Periscope Pro, Motion-Based Video Surveillance for the Mac

The most sophisticated motion detection video system available for OS X.

Prague, Czech Republic July 8, 2013. ZipZapMac today released Periscope Pro, an application that turns a Mac into a multi-featured video surveillance system. Most computer-based video surveillance software takes videos regularly at a pre-set interval, generating hundreds or even thousands of useless clips that have to be sorted through to find what the user wants. But, Periscope Pro can be set to shoot only when there is motion, that is, activity going on, capturing exactly what the user is looking for, saving enormous amounts of search time and storage.

Monitor From Anywhere
By automatically uploading clips to a free DropBox account, the user can view clips anytime, anywhere to see what is happening – from a restaurant across town, an airport in another city, or even from the other side of the world.

Highly Flexible
Periscope Pro can be setup in a less than a minute and the user can choose everything from the sensitivity of the motion detection, to clip length, to alternate recording mode, including timed and continuous mode, and even video resolution. It can be set to start recording at login, at launch, or it can be started manually from its control panel.

“We began with the idea of protecting our own Macs with our Spy Cam product by recording who was using them,” said Stanislav Kuptsov, Managing Director of ZipZapMac, “Then we saw many other uses, but they required a more flexible approach and selective filming. So, we created Periscope Pro to fill those needs,” he said.

Periscope Pro can be used to monitor everything from a filing cabinet in your office to the baby’s room – anywhere you want know when there has been activity and what that activity was. With its 1-click video library access, Periscope Pro makes it easy to find the clips you want to see.

Periscope Pro requires OS X 10.6 or later and is available on the Mac App Store or at for $19.99

Periscope Pro on the Mac App Store
More info about Periscope Pro

We are happy to provide you with as many promo-codes as needed for testing!