2-Click File Sharing

Painless file, folder, and screenshot sharing for Dropbox users.

TOP 10 Productivity App in the United States

Share-rvana HOW-TO:

1. Register a supplementary Dropbox account.
2. Connect ShareMate to it.
3. Enable screenshot sharing (optional).
4. Win!

- It's FREE!
- It plays nice with official Dropbox clients. It gives you 2GB of additional Dropbox quota for sharing when using a supplementary Dropbox account.
- It saves you disk space on your drive. There's no need to copy files to your Dropbox folder; you can share directly from Finder or Desktop.
- You get even more free space. You can delete screenshots and public folders from your main Dropbox account.
- There are no additional actions. Shares your screenshot and copy links to the clipboard.
- It lowers network traffic and reduces upload time. It automatically shares folders as zip archives.
- Minimal CPU and memory impact.