Your personal Guard

GuardCam will sneakily snap and store a photo of the first person to unlock your phone!

Features and screenshots

GuardCam Trap brings you a cunning new way to identify when your private and personal iPhone data may have fallen into the wrong hands A friend, a girlfriend, a roommate, a parent... Just set the trap and catch them in the act!

How it works: 1. Set the trap
2. Lock your device
3. Check back in to see who’s been snooping! It’s as easy as 1-2-3!


  • Dropbox functionality. Access GuardCam’s photos for real-time viewing from any iOS device or computer via your Dropbox account.
  • Alarm Mode. Set your alarm to stop a snooper dead in their tracks with a loud siren when Alarm Mode is activated.
  • Stealth Photography. Deactivate the camera shutter sound and no one will know they’ve been busted!
  • In-App Photo Library. Store intruder photos in the app and keep them out of your iPhone’s regular photo library.
  • Password Protected. Keep intruder photos protected and to yourself.

IMPORTANT: Doesn’t run in the background! You must launch GuardCam before locking your iPhone.