Security Camera

Protect Your Mac

Take a covert picture of whomever wakes up your Mac! Security Camera 2.5 sets up in less than a minute. And once it’s on, nobody can use your Mac without you knowing exactly who it is. Yosemite ready too!

Features and screenshots

Security Camera is a user-friendly app that can be installed in one minute, and doesn’t require any further configuration. Each time your computer wakes up, the camera will silently snap a picture of the person who wakes it up, and save the photo into a defined folder (the photos are password protected too – only you can view or delete them).

That means with this app installed on your Mac, you will always have time-stamped evidence of who touched your computer without your permission. Intruders will no longer be able to deny invading your privacy – perfect for foiling snoopy co-workers, subordinates, your kids, your roommate – anyone.

Get Security Camera 2.5 today, and you won’t have to worry about someone snooping on your machine without your knowledge – because now you’ll have proof!


  • Automatic (and silent/stealth) camera snap after waking up.
  • Saves images at a resolution of 640х480.
  • Can send pictures to your Dropbox account! So if your laptop gets stolen, you’ll almost certainly have a photo of the thief.
  • User-friendly interface and no need for further configuration.
  • Password protection - only you can view/copy/delete Captured Photos.
  • No additional CPU load.
  • No interference with other automatic-run applications.
  • Adjustable arm-timer.
  • Idle timer actuations.
  • You can setup Security Camera to arm after 30sec/1min/3min/5min/15min/30min of idle time. When armed,

Thank you for choosing Security Camera!

Whats new in version 2.5:

  • Fully compatible with OS X Yosemite
  • Fixed random crashes on 3-rd party web cameras
  • Works in Sandbox for additional protection
  • Polished and ready to work within infinity hours providing security and fun to its owner.

Whats new in version 2.3:

  • Added compatibility with MAC OS Mountain Lion.
  • All known problems were solved.
  • Photo gallery and program core was rewritten from scratch with performance and low memory requirements in mind.
  • Polished and ready to work within infinity hours providing security and fun to its owner.

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