2-Click File Sharing

ShareMate lets you share files and folders with anyone in the world with just two clicks.
Send files and folders to friends and colleagues without the hassle of uploading or the requirement for
everyone to subscribe to the same service.

Features and screenshots

With ShareMate you just right-click a folder or a file and then click on “Share with ShareMate” in the drop-down that appears. It’s that easy.

ShareMate automatically uploads the files or folders to the Internet and gives you a link to send to friends and colleagues. To send the link you just click it to copy and then paste it into an email, document, or message. Your friends or colleagues just click on the link and get the file through their browser – no applications, no subscriptions, no hassles!

You can send multiple files and folders just as easily as sending one! Select all the files and folders that you want to send, then, right click and click on “Share with ShareMate” and off they go.

Just link ShareMate to your Dropbox account and you are ready to share.

With ShareMate’s built-in file manager you can easily manage your uploaded files and folders.

ShareMate works with:

Data files
3D models
Music files
Video files

Use ShareMate to:

Exchange files with colleagues
Send photos, music or videos to family and friends
Send files through online messaging like MSN, Google Talk, Skype, or Yahoo!
Make files available to the public