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Speeds Up Your Computer with a Single Click! rating: 9 out of 10 "…with its ease of use and low price (US$5.99), it's a nice addition to any Mac user's toolbox."

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The first Memory Cleaner on the Mac App Store - work more productively by freeing wasted memory!

Memory Cleaner digs deep and safely cleans out unwanted junk files and other resource-hogging waste, while leaving the important stuff alone. Your computer will run faster.

Here’s why it works: If you’re using a memory-intense application, and your computer freezes for several seconds, it’s probably because it’s freeing up memory. Memory Cleaner is a fast and simple solution that does this ahead of time, keeping your memory fresh and clean for the work you need to do.

Great for:

  • Graphic artists
  • Architects
  • Programmers
  • 3D modellers and animators
  • Developers
  • Musicians
  • Photographers
  • Scientists
  • Parallels Desktop users
  • For everyone annoyed by slowdowns. You only need to click on “Clean my Memory”. That’s ALL!
    It’s the perfect way to work faster with ANY memory-hungry application.

It’s the perfect way to work faster with ANY memory-hungry application.

HINT: 200-500Mb is a good average result. Usually it's enough to shake up computer performance. And remember: if there is nothing to clean - it will not be cleaned!

What's NEW in Version 2.1:

  • MacOS Lion full support.
  • Plays nice with large amounts of memory(16gb and up).
  • All known problems were fixed in this release.
  • Now available in 12 languages: english, русский, Deutsch, française, italiano, 日本, Nederlands, 한국의, polski, español, 中國, 中国

What's NEW in Version 2.2:

  • New menu bar icon.
  • Shows free memory in menu bar (optional).

What's NEW in Version 4.0:

  • Auto Clean option.
  • Windowless option.
  • Full OS X Yosemite compatibility.
  • Retina display compatibility.

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